The high-Performance ecommerce consultancy

It is seductive to reduce the concept of eCommerce to simply a transactional website. While this technical element certainly is important - and poor user interfaces, checkout processes or loading times do certainly have an effect on performance - there are many more factors that need to be addressed when your objective is to drive your business online. At 5xThinking, we are passionate for “high-performance eCommerce” - and we look at the broader picture in tandem with all of the key levers that will determine your business’s success. We work across all eCommerce business structures, but also specialise in strategic areas, including: Acquisition, Retention, Conversion, Operations & Internationalisation, as well as ensuring the right team and personal are in place to execute. Let’s get to work.

MEET SOME OF THE SENIOR Practitioners working with you

Martin Bartle - Chairman

Martin is a former Board Director at Agent Provocateur and Director of Marketing at Net-a-Porter. He has advised numerous retail and luxury businesses and regularly speaks at industry events.

Simon Hall - CEO

Simon is the former Global Director of eCommerce & Digital at La Perla and founded 5xThinking in 2016. He possesses extensive global eCommerce knowledge and works as the lead on numerous clients.

Ellie Rivers - Senior eCommerce Consultant

Ellie has over 10 years of eCommerce experience across multiple brands and industries, including Lulu Guiness and Harvey Nichols. She works closely with brands and often spends time in-house to understand the brand.

Sarah Monaco - eCommerce Specialist

Sarah has a Master’s degree in International Luxury Management from L’Institut Français de la Mode and is formerly a key employee at & Eyeko.

Alan Thomas - Associate Consultant

Alan is the former Global Head of Digital at La Perla and worked across numerous brands to help develop structural change and high-level growth. Alan is data-orientated and strategically focused.

Haydn Parks - Associate Consultant

Haydn is a expert in acquisition and conversion, having helped develop and successfully grow numerous brands and eCommerce companies including Hunter Wellies & Agent Provocateur.