Board Advisory
We do things differently.

5xThinking have a global network of experts across all verticals and disciplines in eCommerce and digital so why should you only get access to one? Our unique Board Advisory service mean you can have access to the full network to offer expertise on all questions.

How it works?

- You have a direct Board Advisor from the senior team at 5xThinking,

- However, if you need advice or expertise on any other vertical, for example; logistics, our logistics expert can be brought in to advise or support.

- It means that instead of having one expert on your board you get to access all our experts.

- We don’t just sit around a board table once a month and sign-off minutes, our experts give verifiable and expert advise to grow your business.

If interested in finding out more about our unique board concept please contact


Selected Case Studies:

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Client: Pure Collection


Transform the £40+ million international business into AN eCommerce & Digital-first BUSINESS.

After an initial review and development of an eCommerce strategy, 5xThinking headed up the project with Alan Baker, one of our network’s global eCommerce experts. Alan is currently in the middle of a global turnaround of the business, including: A website re-platform, CRM and data transformation and augmentation of the team to hit the goals we developed in the strategy.



Brief: Create a strategy for growing the eCommerce business globally.

During the initial phase of our eCommerce Transformation Performance Strategy, we reviewed all areas of the eCommerce business, including platform, logistics, digital marketing and team structure. Following our review, we implemented our eCommerce growth strategy by developing a fully in-house team (no more agencies) in the UK. Our second phase of this strategy involved developing a German eCommerce and NYC-based American team.

Results: In 24 months global revenue has grown from €6+ million to €28 Million.


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