5xThinking helped us not only retain customers, but understand who they are, when and how to contact them all whilst developing out the technology and systems to manage Big Data.
— Alan Thomas - Head of Digital - La Perla

5XT Retention Acceleration programme™

Retaining customers is about more than just data. It is also about understanding how your customers think and behave, and developing a strategic plan to grow retention and increase customer lifetime value (LTV) across the diversity of touch points. 5xThinking have developed a dedicated 5XT Retention Acceleration Programme™, which allows us to quickly benchmark your current retention rate and the opportunities available. We then follow up our recommendations by developing the architecture and roadmap for success and the necessary tools to implement.

Do you know how much business you are losing today because of poor retention management?


Selected CASE STUDY:

La Perla

Project: Develop a GLobal CRM Data and Retention Strategy.

5xThinking developed a global CRM & Data strategy, as part of a larger, overall eCommerce strategy, with defined roll-out across multiple stakeholder and technology touch-points.

Result: Retention rate grew by 150% within 12 months of launch.


Further Selected Case Studies: